Academic UIL

UIL Academics 2019-2020


Mr. Bates - Academic Coordinator

Mr. Rector - Film, Theater Design, OAP, Prose, and Poetry

Ms. Lindsey - Spelling

Mr. Gregory - Number Sense, Math, Calculator Applications

Mr. Defrancis - Debate (CX, LD, Congress), Speech (Persuasive, Informative), Social Studies

Ms. Danna- Accounting, Computers (Computer Science, Computer Applications)

Ms. Bates - Literary Criticism, Current Events

Ms. Henderson - Science

Ms. Patterson - Journalism (Editorial, News, Feature, Headline), Copy Editing, Ready Writing

Schedule 2020

January 18 Virtual Meet #3 Sabine Pass H.S.

January 25 Bulldog Academic Meet Nederland H.S

February 1 Best of Texas Meet #1Sabine Pass H.S.

February 8 PN-G UIL Meet - Set BPNG H.S.

February 15 Best of Texas Meet #2Sabine Pass H.S.

February 22 Shark “Meat” XIISabine Pass H.S.

February 25 FILM StateAustin, TX

February 29 Best of Texas #3 /Virtual Meet #4 Sabine Pass H.S.

March 3 District One-Act Play Sabine Pass H.S.

March 24 Bi-District One-Act Play Sabine Pass H.S.

March 25 District UIL Academic Meet Sabine Pass H.S.

March 31/April 1 Area One-Act Play Angelina College, Lufkin

April 4 Virtual Meet Regionals Sabine Pass H.S.

April 15-16 Regional One-Act Play Panola College, Carthage

April 17-18 Regional Academic Meet Panola College, Carthage

April 25, 2020 Virtual Meet  State Sabine Pass H.S.

April 29, 2020 DESIGN State Austin, TX

May 1-2 State One-Act Play & Academic UIL Meet UT-Austin, TX

May 27-28 State UIL Speech Meet UT-Austin, TX